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Our team includes (from left to right) : Jude Hughes (Chairperson), Conrad Bryan, Alan Powderly and Phil Mullen. 


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Jude Hughes  is a founding director and the Chairperson of The Association of Mixed Race Irish (AMRI). He was born in Dublin and brought up in Ireland. He trained as a tailor and runs his own business in central Dublin. Jude has many years experience dealing with issues of racism faced by Black and mixed race people in Ireland. He was a co-founder of Harmony which was set up in 1986 to address the racism faced by people of colour in Ireland at that time. He was involved in the Anti-Apartheid movement since 1968. It was the anti-apartheid movement that precipitated the founding of Harmony as Irish people who were in mixed marriages became concerned at the racism faced by their own mixed race children. Harmony was instrumental in achieving legislation to deal with racial discrimination in Ireland and was the precursor to the emergence of our organisation today. Jude lives in Dublin with his family.

Conrad Bryan was born in Holles street, Dublin and placed in Pelletstown mother and baby home in the 1960s. He is a founding director and treasurer of AMRI and worked as an activist and advocate in campaigns such as the investigation into racism at mother and baby homes. He was also on the board as treasurer of the charity 'Irish in Britain' which represents the Irish diaspora in Britain and is funded by the Irish government. He is the Chair of the Health committee on the Collaborative Forum in Dublin which was set up by the Dept. of Children to identify supports for survivors of mother and baby institutions in Ireland. He was brought up in Ireland and studied business studies and accountancy before emigrating to the UK in 1988. He qualified as a chartered certified accountant and worked in both practice and business over several decades in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Conrad lives in London with his family.

Alan Powderly  was born and raised in The Liberties in Dublin in the 60’s.  He emigrated from Ireland in 1989 and moved to London where he worked in recruitment, and in the field of education working in post 16 and adult education and training.  He is also a founding director and company secretary of AMRI and has actively supported AMRI's campaigns and advocacy work over several years. He has also worked and associated himself with various charitable organisations throughout his life. Alan lives in Gloucester in the UK.

Dr Phil Mullen was born in Dublin and grew up in the Irish industrial school system. Returning to education in her 20s, she graduated in English and Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin. Her M.Phil. in Women’s Studies analysed the role of women as perpetrators of violence during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. After an 18-year gap to raise a family, she returned to Trinity College where she completed her PhD as a Government of Ireland PhD scholar. She examined the racist and racialised aspects of how Black mixed African-Irish women, who grew up in the Irish institutional care system without families, construct their identity. Phil is currently Associate Professor of Black Studies at Trinity College and lives in Dublin with her family.

Other Team Members

Tilly Lyons has joined our team at AMRI as an intern to help us with our social media. Tilly has just completed her undergraduate degree in European Studies at Trinity College Dublin, and will pursue a Masters at the University of Bristol in September investigating the lives of mixed race Italians in East Africa during Italian colonial rule.


Anisha Bryan has joined our team as a volunteer to assist us with our latest project which is to produce an educational publication based on our highly successful social history exhibition at the Mixed Museum in 2020. Anisha recently  graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in Anthropology and French. She spent part of her studies teaching in France at a primary school in a small town near Strasbourg. She is also a keen artist and will use her artistic skills in the publication of our book and assist with crowd-funding and grant applications. 

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